The MTV media house is using a wide variety of advanced information and communication technology and cloud services for daily work. MTV’s
organisation has invested in automatedidentity management, and the company
decided to opt for a cloud solution. Theuser and access rights of MTV’s own
employees and external users are now managed efficiently. Licence use is
more efficient, and the Smart Identity Portal (SIP) has, for example, made the
everyday work of managers easier. In addition, GDPR obligations can now be
fulfilled better.


“We want to provide end users with modern information and communication technology services so that our employees and the external professionals we work with can work efficiently and flexibly, regardless of place, time or the devices they are using. We are investing in ICT equipment and cloud services that are easy to use. The
creation of a modern workplace requires automated identity management,” says Anna Rusanen, who is responsible for the ICT end user services at MTV. MTV’s organisation is utilising a wide range of cloud services. “As a result of a competitive bidding process
and recommendations, we decided to reform our identity management in cooperation with Pulsen’s experts. Wewere looking for an agile partner, and they were the best
match for our requirements. We demand a lot from our partners and, in addition to competence, we value agility and development ideas. We decided to implement identity management as a cloud service, because it meets our requirements best.”


MTV’s organisation utilises several Microsoft solutions, and identity management was implemented in the AD environment and Azure AD with the integrated Microsoft
Identity Manager software, which is used to manage approximately 700 identities. Approximately half of them are external users. User IDs for the media house’s permanent and external employees are provided automatically. Identity management enables the integration of various services. The user interface has been implemented with the Microsoft SharePoint service that MTV is using.


“We have a lot of advanced users of information and communication technology. The requirement level is high, and that is why we are constantly aiming to develop our
environment. We want to provide end users with a good experience and the tools required for work starting from their very first morning on the job. Identity management is an important part of our modern workplace and service concept. We don’t want to create user IDs and activate licences manually,” says Rusanen. “Another key driver behind the identity management reform was the EU’s general data protection regulation, and now we can better meet the requirements of the GDPR.”

In addition, access cards for MTV’s premises are now managed through identity management and AD. “We must be able to provide external experts with user and access rights even at very short notice,” says Rusanen. “I would estimate that the support needs related to user IDs will be halved, because identity management is automated and we can also make changes through the portal. With the future deployment of role-based access rights, we expect that the support needs will continue to decrease.”The production use of the Microsoft Identity Manager started in June 2018, with the cloud service being provided from Microsoft’s data centre located in Europe. Microsoft has also invested heavily in GDPR. “We were able to tackle the challenges related to the implementation of the cloud service, which also required
adopting a new operating mode,” says Rusanen.



The Smart Identity Portal provides MTV’s managers and Information Management function with efficient management and reporting tools that are easy to use. “For
example, we have been able to increase the efficiency of Office 365 licence use and management. I would estimate that this automated management will enable us to achieve approximately 30% cost savings in Microsoft licences. The licences of persons leaving the company will automatically be released for new users. Reports in graph format include information on the number of identities, and this provides us with a wide range of information.”


The Microsoft Identity Manager has been integrated with MTV’s HR information system. According to Rusanen, the reform makes the everyday life of managers and assistants easier. “That is now one concern less for them. We can trust that the user IDs are based on the data stored in our HR system. Managers approve user and access rights and receive information on new users via email. We have received positive feedback on the identity management reform. It provides increased transparency regarding the resources and rights that employees have.” According to Rusanen, MTV’s organisation wants to further develop identity management based on user roles and finetune access to various applications. The company’s units are using a wide range of various systems. “Promoting role-based access would further increase automation. In
addition, we are investing in the development of self-service and a single controlled way of doing things. The Smart Identity Portal provides opportunities for that.”
“Our cooperation with Pulsen went extremely well and their employees are true professionals. They were quick to get down to business and make any required changes. User ID creation is now more efficient, and automation has facilitated everyday work as the information source for identity management is our HR data,” says Rusanen. “The production of high-quality ICT end user services requires increasing the number of managed integrations and ensuring efficient user management.”